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MARlink – Sept. 14, 2020

If it's blue, it's a link for you!

Association News

Voting for MAR's 2021 Board of Directors begins this Thursday, September 17 at 8 a.m., and closes September 21 at 5 p.m. You will receive a link to vote by email on Thursday morning.

Chair Elect (Select One):
- Lee Ann Parden
- Michael Underwood

Director (Select Two):
- DeNece Crowe
- Andrea Johnson
- Pete Rock

Invoices for annual billing will be sent by email October 15, and due December 15. Once again, they will be payable through the new MAR Website. Please see directions below for setting up your account, if you haven't already.

To complete your profile, follow the instructions below to login and update your account. Please email if you need assistance.

  1. Follow the link "MEMBER LOGIN" from our Home Page.
  2. Click "Create Account".
  3. Input your first and last name, along with your email address on file with MAR; click submit.
  4. The system will email you an account activation link that asks you to create a password.
  5. Login using your email as username, and the password you just created.
  6. Watch the video to learn how to add your photo, update contact information, pay invoices, and more!


It is reported that $1.5 trillion federal dollars are allocated annually to states and localities for various purposes and programs, including federal funding for housing, libraries, schools, hospitals, roads, and other federal programs and services as a direct result of Census participation. Not to mention, Census data determine's our state's congressional representation. Let's not miss out, Colorado!

Results are especially important for REALTORS®. This data allows us to analyze demographic information, make industry growth projections, and evaluate generational housing population demands. NAR research teams can use the results to analyze migration trends – identifying potential customers and markets – and to better understand the population of homeowners who have been affected by natural disasters.

Time is running out! Take 10 minutes to make sure you and your clients are counted. Post the image below to social media when you're done!

Are you one of the only 12% of REALTORS® who are registered to vote? If not, register today and make your vote count!


NAR dedicates September as REALTOR® Safety Month, and helping members understand the risks they face through knowledge, awareness, and empowerment.

Take the Pledge, and share your commitment on social media by posting this image! 



Continuing Education

pastedGraphic.png                                                                   pastedGraphic_1.png

The following designation courses are offered to you in partnership with the Denver Metro Association of REALTORS®

NOTE: Please read all information on the registration as there may be additional fees associated to obtain Designation or Certification.                             

  • Win-Win Negations Techniques® (CRS)
    Tuesday, May 11th, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Online, hosted through Zoom
    Price: $189 CE Credits: 8 | Register Here
    The most recent NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers reports that 87% of buyers identified negotiation skills as a very important quality for their real estate agents. Since another key element of success is developing and sustaining relationships, agents must consider not only the outcome of a negotiation but also their rapport with the other party. This course provides negotiation strategies that enable you to achieve mutually satisfying results rather than haggling over issues that can derail transactions. Through highly-interactive role playing activities, you will develop and practice scripts that can prepare you to successfully negotiate with all parties in a transaction, including clients, other agents, and service providers.


  • Seller Representative Specialist® (SRS)
    Tuesday, May 18 and Wednesday, May 19, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Online, hosted through Zoom
    Price: $299 CE Credits: 12 | Register Here
    ​Elevate ​professional ​standards ​and ​enhance ​personal ​performance. ​ ​The ​designation ​is ​awarded ​to ​real ​estate ​practitioners ​by ​the ​Council ​of ​Real ​Estate ​Brokerage ​Managers ​(CRB) ​who ​meet ​specific ​educational ​and ​practical ​experience ​criteria. The ​SRS ​Course ​will ​redefine ​your ​"normal" ​and ​reinvent ​the ​way ​you ​represent ​sellers. ​ ​It ​provides ​a ​comprehensive ​foundation ​of ​skill ​development, ​training ​and ​resources ​to ​help ​real ​estate ​professionals ​represent ​the ​interests ​of ​sellers ​in ​today’s ​marketplace.
    Learning Objectives:
    • Increase ​listings ​and ​grow ​their ​business
    • Demonstrate ​and ​communicate ​their ​value ​package ​to ​seller ​clients
    • ​Understand ​and ​apply ​the ​Code ​of ​Ethics ​& ​Standards ​of ​Practice
    • ​Understand ​and ​comply ​with ​state ​license ​laws ​when ​representing ​sellers
    • ​Understand ​and ​apply ​methods, ​tools, ​and ​techniques ​to ​provide ​support ​and ​services ​that ​​sellers ​want ​and ​need.
  • Technology and Plans for Success (CRS)
    In this virtual world are you doing enough to stay competitive?
    Wednesday, April 14th, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Online, hosted through Zoom
    Price: $189 | Register Here
    This course examines the changing role of real estate agents in the rapidly-evolving technology age and guides the technologies needed to effectively work with today’s connected consumers. You will leave the class with templates, strategies and tools to identify, evaluate and select appropriate technologies to enhance your communication.
    Learning Objectives:
    • Select the appropriate equipment, software and technology platforms needed to streamline your operations and meet the expectations of today’s tech-savvy consumer.
    • Leverage customer relationship management (CRM) software to grow your network, communicate proactively with clients and maximize efficiencies in your business.
    • Design and optimize your website to improve your professionalism to the consumer and provide data to help them understand your services.
    • Develop effective email marketing initiatives to improve client communications and provide value to your client productivity, and efficiency, while keeping your clients’ data safe.
    • Design and optimize your website to improve your professionalism to the consumer and provide data to help them understand your services.
    • Develop effective email marketing initiatives to improve client communications.
  • At Home with Diversity (AHWD)
    Tuesday, April 27th, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    Online, hosted through Zoom
    Price: $189 CE Credits: 6 | Register Here
    REALTORS® know the importance of adapting and remaining relevant in today’s marketplace. By developing a business practice rooted in inclusion and equality, you can help buyers of all cultural backgrounds achieve the dream of homeownership. The At Home with Diversity® (AHWD) certification course teaches you how to work effectively with diverse populations so you can build business success in today’s multicultural real estate market.

Click here to download your free CE tracking form.


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